Responsible Gaming

1. It is the player's responsibility to know your country's laws and rules for the use of the online casino and website. For this reason, before creating an account on our website, you should check whether the online casino is legal in your country. If online casino games are banned or restricted in your country of residence while using our casino, you should immediately close your account and stop using our services.
2. You must be legally 18 years old to play online casino games and use our services.
In this regard, you must comply with the age limit. If you have not yet reached the age of 18, you cannot play online casino games and use the services of our website. If you deposit funds by opening an account, the funds will be lost to the Curaçao eGaming Commission.
3. Players living in the specified prohibited countries do not have the right to open an account and deposit money on our website. Any changes to the list of prohibited countries are at the website's sole discretion. Changes made will be announced on our website. If you are a resident of any of the countries listed, you should not open an account or deposit money on our website. If you have opened an account before, you should close your account immediately.
4. Players agree that they have read and understood all terms and conditions.
5. Players should always keep their account information up to date.
6. Players are responsible for any taxes and expenses that may arise from their earnings by using our website.
7. It is forbidden for the player to transfer or sell the member account on our website to someone else.
8. The player's account information is at their own risk. For this reason, the account owner is responsible for the consequences that may arise if the user name and password are used by someone else. WinsRoyal Casino is not responsible for any damage caused by this.
9. WinsRoyal Casino uses advanced methods and encryption systems to ensure players' account security.
10. Players undertake not to intrude or sabotage the security system of WinsRoyal Casino. In case the player hacks and sabotages the security system or WinsRoyal Casino suspects the player, he has the right to complain to the relevant authorities and block and close the player's account.
11. The player is aware of the risk of losing money as well as earning money as a result of the games played at WinsRoyal Casino.
12. WinsRoyal Casino recommends our players using our services to keep a copy of their transaction log as well as the terms and conditions.

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