About Game Provider

Founded in 2016, TVBet is a game provider. This game supplier was founded in Cyprus, where they produce live video games for online casinos. One of the largest providers of live dealer games worldwide is TVBET. In this respect, it has managed to make a name for itself by working hard since the day it was founded. It has also aimed to provide unlimited and uninterrupted service to its customers in computers, smart phones and TVs. TVBET is constantly working to keep its games up to date and adapt them to changing trends and customer requirements using the latest technologies. They offer a range of live casino games, mostly based on lottery and with many unique game options. They have also offered to the customer experience some highly complex puzzle games such as Progressive card games such as PokerBet and WaroftheElements, namely Backgammon Betting, which is available in addition to lottery style games. All games are broadcast live in high definition from a game studio in Nicosia. With an interesting take on the classics of casino gaming, TVBet games bring a lot of excitement to the live dealer market.

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