About Game Provider

AvatarUX aims to be a world-renowned and market-leading game studio producing award-winning slot games. To achieve this goal, we focus on building an agile workforce and valuable partnerships with licensed game operators, as well as global and regional dealers and distributor partners. Our team is led by seasoned experts and professionals in the iGaming industry, complemented by a very talented group of artists and developers who allow us to quickly meet demand and trends. With a flexible go-to-market approach and solid technical infrastructure, we strive to design the best slot games. That's why we create exciting, customer-focused slots with advanced mathematical models, immersive visuals and a strong user experience. Our success is also driven by the innovative PopWins™ mechanic, which is a central feature of many of our released games. PopWins™ elevates the slot experience and extends the average spin session, providing additional excitement and earning potential during gameplay. We believe these exceptional mechanics define our brand and represent our unparalleled success.


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