WinsRoyal casino takes security measures to prevent the use of revenues generated by any kind of bad activity.
It works hard to prevent it from being used for terrorist financing, money laundering or any criminal activity.
1. WinsRoyal casino meticulously audits all customers' member accounts. When any fraudulent activity is suspected, WinsRoyal casino will block the customer's member account and the account will remain locked until they complete all checks regarding the account.
2. The source of any money deposited into customers' accounts must not be illegal. Deposits must not be tainted by any illegality and must not have been obtained from an illegal source. WinsRoyal casino makes the highest level of supervision in this regard.
3. When WinsRoyal detects any illegal source during casino inspections, it will immediately notify the relevant authorities.
4. WinsRoyal casino always performs account audits to prevent money laundering.
5. WinsRoyal casino may require customers to provide their identity information for the security of member accounts. If any customer fails to provide the requested documents, such member accounts may be blocked by WinsRoyal casino.
6. WinsRoyal casino takes care to ensure that the source of every money deposited by the customer is transparent. For this reason, it tries to determine the integrity of each deposited money.
7. WinsRoyal casino maintains 'Know Your Customer' KYC procedures to enforce the Anti-Money Laundering Act and regulate its requirements.          
8. WinsRoyal casino strives to identify the customers it serves through the KYC process.
9. WinsRoyal casino constantly monitors customers' deposits and bets. The controls are aimed at the security of both customer accounts and casino transactions. For this reason, WinsRoyal casino controls the following items;
9.1. Unusual betting patterns that may occur in the WinsRoyal casino,
9.2. Questionable deposit and withdrawal patterns of customers,
9.3. Reliability of customer card data,
9.4. Customer information verification problems and theft of customers' identity information,
9.5. Account linking/creation of multiple accounts for the same customers
9.6. Any customer or customers will be notified immediately if possible money laundering activities are detected.
10. WinsRoyal casino takes the following measures to prevent and detect any possible criminal activity;
10.1. WinsRoyal casino does not accept customers to open anonymous accounts or create accounts with fictitious names,
11.2. WinsRoyal casino accepts deposits by credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, wire transfer, and e-wallets,
11.3. WinsRoyal casino implements a stricter security and auditing procedure for customers it identifies as high risk or politically risky (PEP),
11.4. It is strictly forbidden to open multiple accounts in WinsRoyal casino,
11.5. WinsRoyal casino does not accept bets made by the client unless the client has created a user account on their behalf unless there is sufficient account balance to cover the bet amount,
11.6. WinsRoyal casino expects the necessary deposits to be made in accordance with the procedures to cover the stake. Otherwise, it does not accept the bet made.
12. WinsRoyal casino conducts audits for customer and casino security. In this respect, it can always search for all bets made by customers, all winnings, all deposits, and withdrawals. It may suspend accounts without prior notice. While the audit is in progress, it may suspend the accounts in question.

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