Player Registration and Deregistration

1. To benefit from all the services of our WinsRoyal website, you must open a personal account.
2. Your account to create our WinsRoyal website must be in your own name. It is also very important that you create an account with the correct information.
Another information that you should pay attention to when creating an account is that a person can use a single address, a single phone number, a single e-mail address and a single IP address. Therefore, all other accounts opened on the WinsRoyal website, including incorrect or alternative credentials, are "Duplicate Accounts". is expressed as.
Therefore, you should not create any Duplicate Accounts.
If you create or attempt to create any number of accounts with incorrect or alternative credentials, we reserve the right to close some or all of them as Duplicate Accounts, accounts without any reason.
In such a case, we apply the following compensation and sanctions:
* Any transaction made using the Duplicate Account will be deemed invalid;
* All promotions you participate in using a Duplicate Account will be cancelled;
* All earnings made using a Duplicate Account will be voided and voided. All processed withdrawals
will be canceled and returned to the company;
* Duplicate Account will be closed permanently with no option to reopen.
3. WinsRoyal Casino uses advanced methods and encryption systems to ensure players' account security. However, we are required to share your personal information.
You must keep your username and password that you use on the WinsRoyal website confidential. You must not share it with other users or other persons.
  Players' account information is at their own risk. For this reason, the account owner is responsible for the consequences that may arise if the username and password are used by someone else. WinsRoyal Casino is not responsible for any damages resulting from this. Except for you, we have no sanctions for anyone logging into your account using the correct username and password. The transaction is considered as your own.
Therefore, since account security belongs to you, any use made without your knowledge and without permission will be considered as your own use.
4. The player is prohibited from transferring or selling the member account on our website to another person. Any action taken in such a case will be deemed void and constitute a breach of the General Terms and Conditions.
In addition, the winnings, investment property, deposit ownership, betting ownership, other rights, and the sale and transfer of accounts of any kind are prohibited on the WinsRoyal website. Gift or gift of legal, commercial and other rights, pledge, assignment, usufruct right, trade, brokerage, mortgage and/or cooperation to a trustee or any other third party, company, real or legal person related to the assets owned on the WinsRoyal website. All kinds of sales and transfer transactions, such as transferring or associating with any foundation in any way, are prohibited. This clause includes a full-fledged prohibition on the sale and transfer of any assets belonging to any customer, user or player in the WinsRoyal casino.
5. It is forbidden to use another person's username and password and to access the website on the WinsRoyal website.
6. Your account information on the WinsRoyal website must be up to date. In case of any changes, you must inform us so that the necessary updates can be made.
7. When you want your casino account at WinsRoyal to be closed, you should contact the live support team.
8. In order for your casino account at WinsRoyal to be closed, you must not have a positive or negative balance and no pending withdrawal requests.
9. If you want to close your account even though you have a positive balance and/or pending withdrawal request in your casino account at WinsRoyal, all funds in your account will be voided and the last deposit will be refunded to you.
10. You can submit a self-exclusion request for your account at the WinsRoyal casino. For this, you can contact the live support team or contact customer service via e-mail.
For live support, simply click on the live support bubble on the homepage or send your request to <> for email. In addition, all the rules specified in article are also valid for self-ban requests. If you have other accounts opened at WinsRoyal casino, it is your responsibility to report this. Opening a new account at WinsRoyal casino is at your own risk. As WinsRoyal casino, we follow the necessary procedure not to open a new account, but you should remember that this is still your responsibility. For this reason, you should make sure that no other account is opened in your name. It is still your responsibility to check this. Therefore, we as WinsRoyal Casino company are not responsible for any losses or damages that may occur.


1. WinsRoyal Casino is not insured by any bank insurance or deposit scheme. In this regard, an investigation will be initiated into any suspicious transactions that a customer may make.
2. At WinsRoyal Casino, the customer agrees that withdrawals will be made at WinsRoyal Casino directly or without any third party intermediary or through any payment service provider.
WinsRoyal Casino officials have the right to stop and cancel a customer's withdrawal if they discover or suspect that a customer has engaged in illegal, fraudulent or collusive activity. By accepting this agreement, the customer is deemed to have accepted the consequences that may result from any violation of the withdrawal rules.
WinsRoyal Casino will determine the processes for all withdrawals in accordance with its own policies and does not guarantee that there will be no delays in processing or receipt.
5. Customer withdrawal requests are processed by the payment system operator and/or a third party designated by the company. Therefore, when you create an account with WinsRoyal Casino, you agree to this clause. In particular, we would like to point out that the payment methods preferred by the casino will be used taking into account security procedures.
6. WinsRoyal Casino, deposits and withdrawals will be made through the payment method that customers choose from the payment methods offered to them. In addition, the customer must use the payment system services used in accordance with the terms of use defined by the providers of these services.
7. WinsRoyal Casino account is not a bank account. As such, it cannot be covered by insurance, asset backing or any guarantee. It does not earn interest on investments or active balances.
8. WinsRoyal Casino accepts withdrawal requests via the withdrawal method specified by the customer. Customers may request withdrawals within the limits specified in the withdrawal options. Withdrawal limits are flexible for VIP level customers only. The VIP customer limit can be set by meeting with a dedicated customer representative.
9. The minimum amount a customer can withdraw is €20, $20, C$20, R500, R$ 100,
10. However, in some options this limit may be higher. Customers can see the options and limits in the withdrawal section of their profile page.
Customers must complete the document verification process before submitting a withdrawal request.
WinsRoyal Casino reserves the right to request any additional documentation it deems necessary from customers who have already completed the verification process.
13. Withdrawals will be made using the payment method used by the customers to deposit. The money paid into the customer's casino account will be transferred to the same account from which it came.
The customer agrees to use legally valid credit cards and other financial instruments that are in his/her name only.
15. Withdrawal limits per VIP level (amounts in euro):

Knight: daily 1000 , weekly 5000 monthly 20000
Baron: Daily 2000 weekly 8000 monthly 30,000
Duke Daily 5000 weekly 15000 monthly 50,000
Prince Daily 7500 Weekly 20,000 Monthly 80,000
Emperor Daily 10,000 Weekly 50,000 Monthly 150,000

16. The minimum amount of funds to rotate before withdrawal is x1 (one). If the amount of funds wagered (number of bets placed) is less than the deposit amount, we reserve the right to cancel all winnings and retain a 10% (ten percent) commission (but not less than USD 0.50 (fifty cents) of the amount of the last deposit as a fee, and a 15% (fifteen percent) commission if your account balance is debited by debit card or bank transfer. The exception for Japan is that the minimum wagering requirement for live casino and table games before withdrawal is x5 (five).

17. Payment system limits may vary, as each payment system has its own rules for mixing or maximum values to be processed.

Bonus Conditions

1. The customer understands and accepts the general terms and conditions specially prepared for all bonuses by WinsRoyal.
2. In case of any inconsistency in advertising campaigns, the general terms and conditions stated by WinsRoyal always take precedence.
3. If the customer violates any of the general terms and conditions of the bonus and promotion, WinsRoyal reserves the right to cancel any winnings from the bonus or promotion. In addition, the customer himself can be held responsible for all costs that may occur due to the customer's violation of any of the general terms and conditions of the WinsRoyal bonus or promotion.
4. The wagering requirement for all bonus and free spins offered by WinsRoyal must be fulfilled by the player. The player is not paid until the wagering requirement is met.
The deposit bonus will be activated after playing with the deposit before fulfilling the wagering requirement. At this point, the customer will be expected to complete the wager of the deposit bonus.
5.Customer who receives the deposit bonus must complete the wager within 30 days. If the customer tries to withdraw money without fulfilling the wagering requirement or bets more than allowed amount customer's current bonus balance or any balance which gained as a result of wrong play and any winnings received will be forfeited.
Bonus amounts and winnings would only be credited to the main balance when the customer fulfills the wagering requirement. Also max bet amount per spin with bonus funds must not be greater than 5 Euro/$5 or equivelent (Euro is the equivelent currency) of your currency.
6.All bonuses and promotions offered by WinsRoyal casino have a wagering requirement. Therefore, before making a withdrawal request, you must bet as much as your deposit and/or fulfill the wagering requirement of the bonus and promotions you receive. 
The wagering requirements of WinsRoyal casino bonuses and promotions are as follows;
For any deposit related bonuses the wager the customer must complete is wager X35 of the bonus amount and the maximum cashout the customer can receive is bonusX25.
For the 10% cashback daily, The maximum cashback amount are up to €/$250 ,R5000 and R$1500 (this means total deposits of €/$2500, R50000 and R$15000)
For free spin promotions maximum cashout bonusX10
For the Good will or any other one off bonuses, the wager the customer must complete is wagerX35 and the maximum cashout the customer can receive is bonusX10
VIP bonuses are individual and they are set by the account managers per player. Unless stated above rule is valid.
7. After completing the wagering requirement for bonus and free spin promotions, the bonus and the customer's winnings, winnings exceeding the maximum bonus amount determined in free spin promotions, cannot be withdrawn and are withdrawn from the customer's balance during the withdrawal phase.
8. The withdrawal request will be subject to the game review and document verification process for each amount awarded.
In addition, after the customer has made a withdrawal request and the withdrawal request is pending, that is, before the withdrawal request has been approved, the customer cannot claim, receive and use bonus or free spins promotions for any deposit they make. The customer must wait for the withdrawal request to be approved to take advantage of the bonus or free spin promotions.
9.In case of violation of the general terms and conditions of bonuses, free bets or any other promotional offer, WinsRoyal casino reserves the right to close such accounts by canceling any winnings and bonuses:
*We can list the cases of violation of the general terms and conditions as follow,
*Creating multiple accounts to claim multiple bonuses,
*A player who stops after the customer's every game and after every hand or free spins prize and goes to other games to get another free spins or plays another hand in another game which means the balance is exhausted and the bonus bet is eliminated by the system. Then the player comes back and unlocks any game that has not yet been completed or is waiting for the free spins reward. This means that the player abuses the system to gain an advantage and withdraw money that does not meet the wagering requirements,
*Customers have the opportunity to buy bonuses, collect bonuses, buy free spins and multi-buy features, etc. value creation is prohibited.
10.If it is determined by the WinsRoyal casino authorities that the customer has abused or attempted to if we discover or have reason to believe that you are depositing or withdrawing money, or otherwise using the Services, without genuine play/wagering.
*Customer loses the bonus and the winnings from the bonus.
*Customer would be excluded from future bonuses if not abide with the rules of the bonus use.
*Violation of the bonuses and rules can be as below but not limited to would cause a confiscating the winnings and bonuses from the players.

- delaying game rounds in any game, including free spins and bonus features, to a later time when you have no wagering requirements;
- leaving large bets on the table, for example in blackjack, and returning to the game after bonus wagering has been completed;
- playing games with bonus money to build up in-game value, lose the bonus funds, and then cash out on the built-up value during real-money play;
- using strategies that take advantage of any software bug or failure. 

11. Accounts can be created in WinsRoyal casino using EURO, USD, ZAR  and  BRL currencise (we do have a right to add more currencies at any time)
12.The wager and wager requirements of the games may differ.
*If we need to explain this issue with an example; If the customer makes 100 bets in the live roulette game, he/she fulfills the 10 (10%) wagering requirement. If the customer places 100 bets on a slot machine game, he contributes to the 100 (100%) wagering requirement.
13.Maximum bonus amounts that customers can receive by currency;



Slots, Bingo, Scratch Cards and Keno


All Live Games Excluding Baccarat


All Table an Card Games Excluding Baccarat




Video Poker




Baccarat, Dice, Craps


Jackpot Slots

Not available for play with bonus funds

Welcome bonus;
Maximum Total Bonus Amount;
USD: 500 (Minimum Deposit: USD 10)
EURO: 500 (Minimum Deposit: 10 €)
ZAR: 10000 (Minimum Deposit: R100)
BRL: R50000 (Minimum Deposit: R$50)

Advantage of 20% reload bonus;
Maximum Bonus Amount;

USD: 100 (Minimum Deposit: USD 10)
EURO: 100 (Minimum Deposit: 10 €)
ZAR: 2000 (Minimum Deposit: R100)
BRL: R$500 (Minimum Deposit: R$50)

14. 10% Cashback Daily;
Your balance must be between 0 and R50, €/$3 and R$15 by claiming your cashback. The maximum cashback amount are up to R5000 (this means total deposits of R50000) , up to €/$250 and up to R$1500
The cashback offer cannot be combined with another deposit bonus offer or other bonus offers (for example: you cannot use a deposit bonus and claim this cash-back bonus as well)
The cash-back offer is 10x playthrough on Slots. The playthrough on other games can vary. Cashback can be claimed dating up to 7 days prior to the day the cashback is requested on busted deposits. You don't have to redeem your cash back after every deposit you make ... you can also claim your cash back after several deposits.
15. WinsRoyal Casino offers all customers a fair service. In this respect, any customer, user, player or certain bets and regular games are not allowed so that customers, users and players do not abuse or misuse all casino services, bonuses and promotions. To explain in items,
15.1. Any collective or individual cross bet etc.
15.2. When playing roulette, no more than 50% of the numbers and black/red colors can be bet on one hand. Bets made in this way are not included in the wager and are restricted by the software.
WinsRoyal casino reserves the right to interrupt the winnings of the players and customers that it detects as being played against the rules.
Game providers with special security departments may also be flagged by the game provider as they have special security departments to protect the rights of both the players and the casino, and this situation to protect the rights of the player and the casino.
16. All bonuses and promotions offered by WinsRoyal have an expiry date. The standard usage period of all bonuses is 30 days. The period starts the moment it is added to the customer's account. Some promotions may have different expiration dates. The customer must fulfill the conversion conditions of the bonuses and promotions within the usage period. After the usage period ends, the bonus credit is deleted from the customer's account.
17. WinsRoyal casino prohibits customers from participating in the same bonus campaign more than once from the same device or from the same house. WinsRoyal casino authorities reserve the right to cancel the bonuses and promotions received and freeze all funds in the customers' account when they detect such a situation.
18. WinsRoyal casino prohibits customers from participating in the same bonus and promotional campaigns more than once from the same IP address. It reserves the right to refuse such participation. In case such a situation is determined by WinsRoyal Casino officials, it reserves the right to cancel the bonus and promotions in the customers' accounts and freeze the money in the accounts.
19.The language of the version valid in the general terms and conditions is English. WinsRoyal Casino has chosen the English version as the legal basis for its relationship with the customer. In case of any inconsistency in the translations, the English version will be considered valid.
20.In any case, the information disclosed in the general terms and conditions will always prevail over any information disclosed by customers.
21.Free no deposit bonus rules;
21.1.Free No deposit bonus is exclusive to the South African country.
21.2.Free No deposit bonus has a maximum withdrawal feature of 2x the bonus amount.For example, when you receive R300 no deposit bonus, you can withdraw maximum R300X2=R600.
21.3.No deposit bonus is subject to wager requirement of 80 times the bonus amount. For example, wager amount to be completed for R300 no deposit bonus: R300X80=R24000
21.4.The maximum bet for each hand is 0.80$/€, R8. When bets above the Maximum bet amount set by the WinsRoyal casino, both the bonus and winnings will be forfeited.
21.5.The usage period of the free no deposit bonus, which is given for trial and entertainment purposes, is 7 days. At the end of 7 days, it will be canceled by the system and both the bonus and winnings will be automatically deleted.
21.6.After completing the wager of the free no deposit bonus, your bonus is released and reaches the maximum cashout amount. Once your bonus has reached the maximum cashout amount, it will be added to your casino account as a withdrawable amount. Therefore, you cannot continue playing with this money. Since it has reached the maximum cashout amount, it cannot be increased further.
22.7. The balance exceeding the maximum cashout amount will be automatically deducted from the account.
22.8.Each customer can benefit from the free no deposit bonus only once.
22.9.Excluded Slot Games For Any Bonus Wagering (and not limited to): The Prohibited Games list is: 10x Rewind, Le Kaffee Bar, Scarab Treasure, Fruit Loop, Aztec Emerald, Wild Hearts, Starfang, Guardians of Inari, Legend of Hydra Power Zones, Ishtar Power Zones, Vikings Empire Treasures, Cave of Fortune, Stunning Cube, Dr. Jekyll &amp; Mr. Hyde, Sugar Pop 2, Sugar Pop, Spinfinity Man, Take the bank, Mr Macau, Take the Kingdom, Legend of the Nile, The Hive, Mystic Hive, Take Santas Shop, Tower of Fortuna, Thai Blossoms, Stay Frosty, Triple Juicy Drops, Enchanted, Pinocchio, Fruit bat crazy, Viking Voyage, Total OverDrive, Back to venus, 100 Bit Dice, Golden Tour, Take Olympus, Lava Gold, Return to Paris, WBC Ring Of Riches, Zorro Wild Heart, Crazy Jungle, Johnny the Octopus, Johnny the Octopus HR, Magic Crystals, Minesweeper, Minesweeper HR, Redbeard &amp; Co., Secondary game, White Rabbit, Lil Devil, Crazy Gems, Diego Fortune, Fruity Frost, Gnomes' Gems, Happy Chinese New Year, Hell's Band, Hunting Party, Kailash Mystery, Kangaliens, Nord's War, Poisoned Apple, The Witch, Wild Galaxy, Zodiac, Mighty Moon, Clover Wheel, Neon Bananas, Defenders of the Monastery, Extra Liner Jackpot, Hot Dragon, Amu Tep, Tizona, Astro Legends Lyra and Erion, The Sword and the Magic, Romance V, Sushi Yatta, Towering Pays Excalibur, Elite of Evil Portal of Gold, Jasons Quest, Euro Golden Cup, Gods of Power, Maya U Max, Empire Shields, Fruit Punch KO, Star Supreme, Spirits Of The Valkyrie, Candy Tower, Marvelous Furlongs, Knockout Football Rush, Fly, London Hunter, Jellyfish Flow, Big 500 Slot, Cops N Robbers Megaways, Tiki Tastic, Da Winci, Bullion Bars, Jungle Falls, Paint, Gifts of Ostara, Gladiators Go Wild, Phantasmic Fortunes, Secrets Of The Sorcerer, Steam Spin, Raigeki Rising x30, Wild Mine, Gates of Babylon, Dino Odyssey, Monkey God, Bangkok dreams, Age of Dragons, Age of Ice Dragons, Wildcraft, Sky Hunters, Beers on reels, Firedrakes Fortune, Agent 51, Finnegans Formula, Age of Huracan, Double Joker, Tree of Gold, Desert Gem, Speakeasy Boost, Joker Times, Blazing Bull 2, Jewels of Jupiter, Joker Times Xmas Edition, Atlantis Thunder, Burning Diamonds, Griffins Quest, Pawprints of Purrsia, Griffins Quest Xmas Edition, Joker Leprechauns, Pearls of Aphrodite, Atlantis Thunder St Patricks Day, Hattrick Heroes, Hercules: Do Or Die, Secrets of the Nile, Gold Bonanza, Ali Babas Luck, Leprechauns Magic Megaways, Ali Babas Luck Megaways, Lucky Clucks, Vampire: The Masquerade - Las Vegas, Beautiful Bones, Castle Builder 2, Cool Buck 5 Reel, Immortal Romance, Peek-a-Boo - 5 Reel, Santas Wild Ride, Scrooge, Stardust, Tomb Raider- Secret of the Sword, Untamed Giant Panda, 11 Champions, Pirates Quest, Amber Sterlings Mystic Shrine, Thunderstruck Wild Lightning, Lara Croft Temples and Tombs, Tiki Mania, Banana Drop, Royal Mint Megaways, Diamond King Jackpots, Atlantis Rising, Jurassic Park Remastered, Big Bad Beasts, Zombie Hoard, Age of Conquest, Augustus, Golden Stallion, Incan Adventure, Africa X Up, Chronicles of Olympus X Up, Blood Suckers, Blood suckers 2, EggOMatic, Narcos, Reel Rush 2, Robin Hood: Shifting Riches, Scudamore's Super Stakes, Secrets of the Stones Max, Serengeti Kings, Simsalabim, Street Fighter 2, Victorious, Wish Master, Scudamores Super Stakes, Wilderland, Rome The Golden Age, Codex of Fortune, Mansa Musas Golden Journey, The Wild 3, God of Fire, Cosmic Charms, Kaiser, Golds Guardian, King Kokos Quest, Hula Magic, Mystery Fox Christmas Party, Faith, Titans Riches, Book of Itza, Scrolls of Aphrodite, Emeralds of Oz, The Smashing Biscuit, Hammer of Gods, Viking Runecraft, Sea Hunter, Mystery Joker 6000, Sweet Alchemy, Bakers Treat, Gunslinger Reloaded, Gemix 2, Pimped, Rage to Riches, Royal Masquerade, Eye of the Kraken, GEMiX, Solar Queen, Solar King, Solar Temple, Mr Cashback, Streak of Luck, Wolves Wolves Wolves, Savage Jungle, Hainan Ice, Midnight wilds, Ace Ventura, Ice Cave, Stallion Strike, Gem Splash Rainbows Gift, The Perfect Heist, Gem Splash Kings Court, Jungle Trouble, Miss Fortune, Heart of the Frontier, Ways of the Phoenix, Galactic Streak, Bombs, Gem Splash Marilyn Monroe, Wild Lava, Bronco Spirit, Golden Beauty, 3 Kingdoms Battle of Red Cliffs, Jungle Gorilla, Queen of Gold, Gold Train, The Champions, Emerald King, Wild Depths, Blaze of Ra, Wild Swarm, Bison Battle, The Shadow Order, Land of Zenith, Fat Drac, Crown of Valor, Dwarfs Gone Wild, Parrot Bay, Tommy Guns Vendetta, Alchemy Ways, Million Dracula 2, Million Zeus, Nefertitis Riches, Million 88, Solomon The King, Million 777, Super 20 Stars, Arcade Bomb, Reel Heist, Piggy Pirates, Spin Town, Win Escalator, Well of Wishes, Jewel Scarabs, Aztec Spins, Reel Keeper, Wild O Clock, Lucky Fridays, Dragons Fire Infinireels, Ancients Blessing, Cobra Queen, Cash Ultimate, Night Roller, The Wisecracker Lightning, Lions Hoard, Beriched, Get the Gold Infinireels, Fa Fa Babies, Ras Legend, Three Musketeers, Dragons Fire Megaways, Royal Gems, Atlantis (Red Tiger), Gems Gone Wild Power Reels, 5 Families, Hoard of Poseidon, Golden Tsar, Aurum Codex, Betty Boris and Boo, Primate King, Harlecoin, Reptizillions Power Reels, Wild Hot Chilli Reels, Wild Expedition, Forever 7s, Dragons Fire, Mega Pyramid, Mega Rise, Dynamite Riches, Eagle Riches, Leprechauns Magic, Bombuster, 10001 Nights, Jingle Bells Power Reels, Sylvan Spirits, Agent Royale, Pride and Prey, Hellcatraz, Marching Legions, Book of 99, Panda Warrior, Frequent Flyer, Heroes Hunt Megaways, Reel Clash, Monopoly Utility Trails, Rainbow Riches Race Day, Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold, Hurricane Horse, Gems Odyssey, Pets Go Wild, Crime Scene, Jokers Luck Deluxe, Jokers Luck, Wild Wild Cash Out, Bank Job, 1 Reel Egypt, 1 Reel Halloween, 1 Reel Monkey, 1 Reel Golden Piggy, 1 Reel Fruits, Mustang Riches, Casino On the House, Van Gogh, Laser Cats, Egypt King, Immortal Monkey King, Sea Raiders, Mega Maya, Sea God (Swintt), Royal Rumble XtraGacha, Kochbuch, Star Stretch, Tokyo Dragon, Jorgen From Bergen, Lone Rider XtraWays, Book of the East, La Tomatina, Soldier of Rome, Black Horse, Hot 777, Fruit Mania Deluxe, Hot 777 Deluxe, Butterfly Lovers, Black Horse Deluxe, Sonic Reels, Telly Reels, Arcade, Football Mania, 9 Lions, Larry the Leprechaun, Relic Hunters, Reel Hero, Football Mania Deluxe, Power of Gods The Pantheon, Neon City, Lucky 9, Power of Gods Egypt, Reel Joke, Prosperity Pearls, Power of Gods Hades, Sizzling Bells, Jelly Reels, Spectrum, Frozen Inferno, Jokerizer, Alchymedes, Wolf Hunters, Legion Hot 1, Towering Pays Valhalla, Double dragons, Spina Colada, Ozwins Jackpots, The Royal Family, Vikings Go To Hell, Tuts Twister, Dark Vortex, Baron Samedi, Football Glory, All Star Knockout Ultra Gamble, Frost Queen Jackpots, Atlantean Gigarise, Robin Sherwood Marauders, Cauldron, Martian Miner Infinity Reels, Robin Nottingham Raiders, Winfall in Paradise, Hunters Moon Gigablox, All Star Knockout, Holmes and the Stolen Stones, Cazino Cosmos, Dwarf Mine, Niagara Falls, Jackpot Raiders, Johnan Legendarian, Super Cash Drop, Golden Boot, Hong Bao, Doctor Electro, Midas Treasure, Caribbean Anne, Zombie Queen, Operation Diamond Hunt, Big Bounty Bill, Pyro Pixie, Blazing Bull, Maui Millions, Ducks Till Dawn, Goblins and Gemstones, Caribbean Anne 2, Holmes Reel Detective, Viking Honour Xtrawild, Monster Domination, Book of Baal, Zilliard King, Legend of Senteng, 1 Reel Patrick, Wolf Call, Book of Raider, Vikings go to Valhalla, Rainbow Gold, Summer Cocktail, Across the Universe, Masters of Valhalla, Rise of the Valkyrie Splitz, Omuato, The Great Pigsby Megapays, Magic Spins, Book of Easter, JetX, CricketX, All That Cash Power Bet, Green Machine Deluxe Power Bet, FoxFire, Beat The House, Guises of Dracula, Interstellar Attack, Big Fishing, Feather of the Nile, Diamond Royale, Charmstones, Dragons Axe, 1 Reel Joker, Bomb Runner, It Came from Venus, Wild Diamond 7x, Mystery of LongWei, Dalai Panda, Stellar Spins, Wild Ocean, Loco Habanero, Snail Race, Dragons Chest, The Great Wall, Crystal Cavern, Savage Lion, Fishin for gold, Alice in the Wild, Wolf Haven, Wombaroo, Blazing Tiger, Jesters Joy, Prosperity Journey, Book of 8 Riches, Alice and the Mad Respin Party, Bonsai Spins, Red Hot Volcano, Clovers of Luck, Ocean Drive, Dwarfs Fortune Easter, Magical Reels, 4 Corners of Rome, Risque Megaways, Aped, Pile Em Up, Bolt X Up, Riot 2 BNB, Fluxberry, 1 Reel Panther, Stumpy McDoodles 2, Golden Forge, Zaidas Fortune, Cave of Gold, Candy Gold, Under the Bed, Ambiance, Booming Seven Deluxe, Booming Bananas, Chilli Chilli Bang Bang, Basic Instinct, Vegas High Roller, Golden Tiger, Roo Riches, Super 15 Stars, Macau High Roller, 9 Pyramids of Fortune, Oink Farm, Cannon Cove, Ali Babas Luck Power Reels, Lucky Mermaid, Spin Warrior Boom Pot, 1 Reel Reef, Rise of the Genie, Apache Way, Timelines, Majestic Mysteries Power Reels, 777 Super Big BuildUp Deluxe, Ark of Ra, Wild Marlin Big Game Fishing, Plingoball, Amazon Kingdom, Lucky Adam, Treasures of Kilauea, Piggy Luck, Super 25 Stars, 10001 Nights Megaways, Arabian Secret, Mad Cars, Sizzling Kingdom Bison, Diamond King Gold, 1 Reel Demi Gods III, Dragon Fortress Battle of the Castle, Maneki 88 Gold, Valley of Secrets, Aldos Journey, The Expendables Megaways, Voodoo Reels, Giants Fortune Megaways, Hero Clash, Wild Bounty, Cleopatras Golden Spells, Vikings Journey, Rumble Ratz Megaways, 1 Reel Buffalo, Lucky Money (Storm Gaming), Gods of Troy, Fire Egg, Joker Lanterns Hit n Roll, Of Sabers and Monsters, The Invisible Man, Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild, Jimi Hendrix, Princess of Pearls, Gold Digger Mines, Aztec Gold Mines, Queens of Glory, 9 Burning Stars, Wild Buzz, 1 Reel Demi Gods IV, Midway Money, Wild Buccaneers Megaways, 9 Coins 1000 Edition, Hot Slot Magic Bombs, Green Machine Supreme, Alduin and Celdor, Leprechauns Magic Power Reels, Temple of Heroes (Popok Gaming), Fruits Gone Wild Deluxe, Fruits Gone Wild Supreme, Serengeti Wilds, Ultra Joker, Candy Links Bonanza, Cash Express, Redrose Sanctuary, Gold Hit O Reillys Riches, Cornelius, Witch Feature, Hot Slot Magic Pearls, Fruit Max Cashlinez, Burning Sun, Cleopatras Diamonds, Dragon Kingdom - Eyes of Fire, Mr and Mrs Spy, Halloween Luck, Native Spirit, Bandida, Fortune Fireworks, Balls of Fury, Secrets of the Nile, Wild West Zone, Red Hot Reels, Mad Monsters, Cash Encounters, Viking Raid Zone, Deadly Outlaw, 1 Reel Wolf Fang, Grand Mariachi, Shadow Society, Ticket to Riches, 1 Reel Majestic King, Dragon Lore GigaRise, 9 Coins Grand Gold Edition, Clovers of Luck 2, Football Finals X UP, Million 777 Wheel, Joker Fortune Blitz, Diamond Tales The Ugly Duckling, Dueling Jokers Dream Drop, 1 Reel Thanksgiving, Diamond Discovery, Down the Chimney, Shields of Troy, Cash Printer Heist, Wonders of Christmas, Wins of Winter, Phat Cats Megaways, Cave of Xmas, The Legend of Musashi, Million Christmas, Spinberry Wilds, Santa Pets, Rainbow Power Potz Ultranudge, Power of Sun Svarog, Christmas Luck, Dr Watts Up, Vegas Reels 2, Fruits Gone Wild, Candy Dreams, Racing Wilds, Magika Boola, Way of the Tiger, Queens of Glory Legacy, Red Hot Sapphires, Pyramid Rising x33, Joker Max Hit Roll Xmas Edition, Dragons Keep, Bingo Staxx Thunder Power, Trojan Kingdom, Pinup Girls, 1429 Uncharted Seas, 2 Million BC, Fruits and Stars, Riches of Babylon, Bonus Train Bandits, Reel Clash, King of the West, Bloxx Fruit, Wolf Hiding, 1 Reel Demi Gods III, Mega Multi Diamonds, Workshop Wonders, 1 Reel Elves, Magika Boola Xmas Spirit, Beauty of Atlantis, Bloxx Thunder, Reel Em In A Bit Fishy, Divine Gongs, Masters Of Olympus, Captain Wild, Night Of The Scarabs, Bloxx Arctic, Star Staxx, Valkyries of Odin, American Poker V, Dragon Ladies, 88 Lucky Fortunes, Cupids Strike 2, New Year Happiness, Quest of Gods, Grand Express Action Class, Grand Express Diamond Class, Mucho Loco Habanero, The Goat, More Dragon Ladies, Mayan Blaze, Viking Crusade, Prosperity Blessing, Blobsters Clusterbuster, Secrets of the Nile 2, Magic Garden, Elysian Jackpots, Power of Love, Lady Merlin MultiMax, Joker Leprechauns Hit n Roll, Pharaohs Gaze DoubleMax, AVIATOR, Ninja, Fruits Deluxe, Wild Vegas, Fluffy Rangers, Exploding Fruits, Bettys Big Bonanza, Book of Inferno, Takutiki, Tippy Tavern, Treasures of Ra, Princess Celina and the Frog, Pirates Pearl Megaways, Fortune Llama, Iron County Outlaw, Mystery Kingdom Mystery Bells, Dog Town Deal, Bloxx Flare, Granny vs Zombies, Book of Books, Let It Burn, Irish Wilds, First Person Lightning Blackjack, Monkey God, Wild Gods, First Person Lightning Blackjack, Queens of Glory Legacy, Lucky Money, Bloxx Thunder, Reel Keeper Power Reels, Spartans vs Zombies, Diamond Tales The Little Mermaid, Adventure Piggypays El Dorado, Ramses Legacy, 5 Line Bonus 21, The Funky Boombox, Chicken Madness Ultra, Cheeser &amp; Jasper, Quake, Beauty and the Beast, Knockout Football, Dragons Lucky 8, Night of the Living Tales, Pengwins, Battle of Myths, Caribbean Anne Mini Max, Sword King, 9 Lions Xmas Edition, Lucky McGees Super Slice Swirl, Cash Falls Island Bounty, Cash Falls Pirates Trove, Stacking Bison, Chili Bonanza X UP, Angry Dragons, 5k Gold Mine Dream Drop, Golden Fields, Rocket Chimp Jackpot, Magic Powers Megaways, Diamond Blitz, Solar Queen Megaways, Crashout - Fireworks, Golden Tour, Triple Cash Or Crash, Meteoroid, Zombies Gone Wild, Wild Fairies, Storm to Riches, 15 Coins, Fish 'Em Up, Champions of Olympus, 5 Monsters, Alexander The Great World Conqueror, Golden Vault of the Pharaohs Power Bet, Love Idol, Xmas Gifts, Catch and Snatch, Football Ultimate Champions King, Blazing Piranhas, Buffalo Canyon, Egypt Megaways, Money Track 2, Moon of Fortune, True Wild, Godzilla, Bling Bling Penguin, 4 Masks of Inca, The Wish Master Megaways, Alkemor's Elements, Bandidos Cash, Snakes and Ladders Megadice, First Person Deal or no Deal, Deal or no Deal, Steam Pirates, Valkyrie Wild Storm, Gem Saviour, Everest, Thunderhawk, Monsters Unchained, Cyber Attack, Unchain The Dragons, Mayan Waterfalls, London Tube, Bounty Raid 2, Crab Trap, Captains of the Coast, Case Closed, Thrill to Grill, Titan Strike, Fish 'n' Nudge, Jet Lucky 2, BINGO STAXX – Amazon Fury, Dog Days, Treasures of Rome, Gifts of Horus, Gold Hit: Dragon Bonanza, Abrakadabra, Temple of Fury Dream Drop, Tiki Tiki Boom, Peter Hunter, Beach Invaders, Unusual Suspects, Anvil &amp; Ore, Stellar 7s, Big Max Pot Hunter, Joker Loot, Vinnie Jones Card Chase, Andvari: The Magic Ring, Immortal Ways Buffalo, Super 30 Stars, Rainbow Burst, Million Vegas, Grand Express Fiesta, Lucky Buddha, Badlands, Diamond Tales: The Princess and the Pea Buy Bonus, Stormy Witch, The Green Machine Bingo, Ruby Treasures, Rise of Atlantis 2, Billy Bob Boom, Lord of the Seas, Rocket Dice, Rocket Dice XY, Larry the Leprechaun-Xmas, Hot Slot: Magic Bombs Halloween, Ninja, Dragon's Bonanza, Heidi, Hilde und Helga Go Wild, Sizzling Eggs Extremely Light, Fishing for Cash, Mice &amp; Magic Wonder Spin, Banana Boom, Donkey and the Goats, Alien Tracker, Steam Pirates Gamble Feature, Lucky Wealth Cat, Massive Gold, Money Inc, Tap Heroes, Wild Voodoo, Mammoth Mayhem, Triple Tiki Super Free Spins, Treasures of the Count, Halloween Wins, 3 Kings, Fast Flip, Zeppelin, Dice, Yellow Diver, Piggy Bank, African Spirit Sticky Wilds, Franksylvania, Fate's Fury, Halloween Hunt, Juiced DuoMax, Million 777 Hot.Raging Rhino Rampage, Dead or Alive, Dead or Alive 2, Dead or Alive 2 Feature Buy, Monkey Gold Xpays, Iron Bank, Egyptian Rebirth 2, Tiger`s Charm ,Story of Hercules Expanded Edition, Star Bounty, Lucky Mrs Patrick, Hammer Of Vulcan, Curse Of The Werewolf, Griffin`s Quest , PapayaPop, Maui Millions, Augustus, Age of Conquest, Big Bounty Bill, Safari Gold Megapays, Money Train 2, Immortal Fruits, Ted Megaways, The Dog House Megaways, Milky Ways, Sky Hunters, Bonus Bunnies, Hellcatraz, Origins of Lilith , Origins of Lilith Megaways, Giza Infinity Reels, Gaelic Gold, Rise of the Mountain King, Book Of Rebirth , Book Of Rebirth Reloaded, Rick and Morty Megaways , Punk Rocker xWays, Montezuma Megaways, Snake Arena, Serengeti Kings, Pillars of Asgard, El Dorado Inifinity Reels, Diamond Mine Extra Gold Megaways , Pirate Kingdom Megaways, Dragon Fall, Money Train, Rainbow Riches Megaways, Fishing Frenzy Megaways, LeoVegas Megaways, Sweet Bonanza, Sweet Bonanza Xmas, Wolf Legend Megaways, Return of Kong Megaways, Medusa Megaways, Neon Cluster Wins, Valletta Megaways, Vegas High Roller, Temple of Treasure Megaways, Champions of Rome, Buffalo Rising Megaways, Faerie Spells, 300 Shields Extreme, Machina Megaways, Vikings Unleashed Megaways, Genie Jackpots Megaways, Fat Santa, Acorn Pixie, Dark Vortex, Spinal Tap, Book of Gods, Extra Chilli Megaways, White Rabbit Megaways, 1429 Uncharted Seas, Fluffy Rangers, Rocket Stars, Blood Suckers, Blood Suckers II, Reel Rush 2, Macau High Roller, Jokerizer, Ninja vs Samurai
22.10.Games that are prohibited for free no deposit bonus are restricted by the system. However, if the games are available and played by the customer due to any system malfunction, the winnings will be forfeited and only the original bonus amount will remain in the balance.

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